Vertical Computer Fryer with Oil Filter Cart 1 Tank 2 Baskets

62,000.00 ฿

This Electric Deep Fryer has one tank and it comes with two baskets. It has the capacity 28 liters; it is controlled by a digital system and it also has an automatic oil filter system. Its digital system can be set by the user and exact temperature and time is controlled by it. It weighs 40 kilograms and uses the power of 380-415 V/18 kW.

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Model: PK-DF-30A
Type : Standing One 28L Tank, 2 Baskets Digital Deep Fryer with Oil Filter Cart
Capacity: 28 Liters
Power: 380-415V/18 kW
Size: 40 x 80 x 110 cm
Packing size: 45 x 85 x 115 cm
Weight: 40 kgs.
Warranty : 365 Days
Delivery : Within 35 Days


  • It comes with 2 baskets.
  • With automatic oil filter system.
  • The digital system can be set by user.
  • Exact temperature and time controlled by the Digital system.

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