Modular Cooking Range Line 700XP Full Module Gas Power Grill Top

215,000.00 ฿

Introducing the Electrolux Professional Modular Cooking Range Line 700XP Full Module Gas Power Grill Top – your gateway to culinary excellence. Elevate your cooking experience with this exceptional addition, designed for both form and function.

Crafted for versatile installation, it seamlessly fits open base setups, bridging supports, and cantilever systems. Boasting high-efficiency 14 kW stainless steel gas burners, complete with a flame failure device and optimized combustion, safety and performance are at the forefront. Whether you prefer natural gas or LPG, this grill top adapts effortlessly.

Experience the art of easy cleaning with enameled cast iron cooking surface grids, while the exterior’s stainless-steel panels with a Scotch Brite finish exude elegance. The patented AISI 441 stainless steel deflective shields ensure impeccable heat distribution and prevent clogs, setting a new standard in precision. Cleaning is a breeze with dishwasher-safe removable radiants and an extractable full-depth grease collection drawer. This masterpiece also features stainless steel high splash guards for impeccable hygiene. Embrace durable enameled cast iron cooking grids Unleash your culinary creativity with Electrolux Professional Line 700XP Half Module Gas Power Grill Top – where innovation meets performance.


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Model: EL-371043
Type: Modular Cooking Range Line 700XP Full Module Gas Power Grill Top
Power: 14 Kw
Cooking surface: 74.2   x 47.2 cm
Size: 80 x 73 x 25 cm
Packing size: 86 x 82 x 58 cm
Weight: 60 Kg
Warranty: 365 days
Delivery: 45 Days
  ·         Unit to be mounted on open base cupboards,

bridging supports or cantilever systems.

·         Stainless steel burners with flame failure device,

optimized combustion and protected pilot


·         AISI 441 stainless steel deflective shields

located below the radiants prevent burners

from clogging, minimize flare ups and ensure

even heat distribution (PATENT US9591947B2

and related family).

·         Dishwasher-safe radiants removable without

the use of tools to facilitate cleaning.

·         Extractable full-depth grease collection

drawer to accumulate excess grease and oil.

·         Stainless steel high splash guards on the rear

and sides of cooking surface. Splash guards

can be easily removed for cleaning and are


·         Cooking grids made in highly resistant

enameled cast iron for easy cleaning.

·         Suitable for countertop installation


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