Modular Cooking Range Line 700XP Freestanding Electric Pasta Cooker, 1 Well 24.5 litres

165,000.00 ฿

Introducing the Electrolux Modular Cooking Range Line700XP Freestanding Electric Pasta Cooker, a culinary powerhouse that elevates your cooking experience. Crafted for perfection, its 24.5-liter capacity and innovative infrared heating system create delectable pasta dishes and more. With a corrosion-resistant 316-L AISI stainless steel tank, this masterpiece ensures durability.

Indulge in versatile cooking – from pasta to noodles, rice to dumplings, and even vegetables. The seamless water basin design, along with integrated drip zones, simplifies draining. The user-friendly control panel, safety thermostat, and manual water tap enhance convenience and precision.

Effortless maintenance is at your fingertips with front-located compartments. The unit comes complete with stainless steel height-adjustable feet and a sleek Scotch Brite finish. Experience culinary excellence with Electrolux – where innovation meets taste.


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Model: EL-371098
Type: Modular Cooking Range Line

700XP Freestanding Electric Pasta Cooker, 1 Well 24.5 litres

Power: 380-400 V/3N ph/50/60 Hz 6Kw
Tank capacity: 24.5 Liter MAX
Size: 40 x 73 x 85 cm
Packing size: 46 x 82 x 114 cm
Weight: 50 Kg
Warranty: 365 days
Delivery: 40 -60Days
  • In addition to cooking pasta, the appliance can be used for noodles of every kind, rice, dumplings and vegetables.
  • Water basin is seamlessly welded into the top of the appliance.
  • Provided with integrated drip zone on which baskets can be placed for draining purposes.
  • 5 liters water basin.
  • Easy-to-use control panel.
  • Safety thermostat to avoid operation without water.
  • Continuous water filling regulated through a manual water tap.
  • Large drain with manual ball-valve for fast emptying of well.
  • All major compartments located in front of unit for ease of maintenance.
  • Unit delivered with four 50 mm legs in stainless steel as standard

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