Hot Dog Steam/Grill Combination

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Never out of fashion, hot dogs are still the most popular snack over the world! With the traditional hot dog machine, your hot-dog is ready in 1 minute! The sausages are steamed in a high temperature glass cylinder above a pan of water. Store up to 30 sausages in the basket keeping the cooked sausages warm. The heating elements (Pikes) toast the bread inside. The Hot dog steamer / warmer is made of durable, easy to care stainless steel. With temperature control it can cook, heat and hold frankfurters and 4 buns / bread rolls ready for your customers.
The Can See-through glass tank presents hot dogs appealingly and the spikes heat the buns for a perfect combination
It has been designed to set up as an elegant small business to service different markets such as tourist places, concerts and sports events, street-food booths etc…
It gets extra business for service stations, take away bars, ice cream vans, grocery stores and other retail outlets that offers a quick snack.


Type: Hot Dog Machine Steam/Grill Combination
Serial: NB-HD-01
Roll Qty: 4
Body: Stainless-steel
Dimension: 57.5 x 34 x 43 cm
Power: 220V / 2 x 300W or 600W

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