.Hoshizaki Cube Ice Maker, Self-Contained 45CA

64,000.00 ฿

The Hoshizaki IM-45CA ice machine produces 47kg of clear hard cube ice a day with reduced power and water consumption. More Ice in less amount of time!
Individual premium cubes with no ice bridging.
Exceptionally hard crystal clear cubes that melt slowly.
Durable stainless-steel exterior.
Slide in air filter at front for easy cleaning -maintaining performance efficiency.
Double-sided stainless-steel evaporator for all water conditions -produces more ice in less cycles.


Model: HZ-IM-45CA
Type: Hoshizaki Cube Ice Maker, Self-Contained 45CA
Ice Dimensions (WxDxH): 28 x 28 x 32 mm
Storage capacity: Approx. 15kg
Production Capacity/24 H: Approx. 47kg @10°C Air temp; 10°C Water

Approx. 44kg @21°C Air temp; 15°C Water

Approx. 38kg @32°C Air temp; 21°C Water

Freeze Cycle Time: Approx. 23 Min
Ice Production Per cycle: Approx. 0.67 KG / 30 PCS
Input power: 220-240V 50Hz /310W
Net Weight: 52 KGs
Warranty: 2 year parts and labour warranty, 3rd year compressor parts warranty Excluding door & exterior damages
Unit Size (W) x (D) x (H): 66 x 57 x 69.5 + 13.2 (legs) cm

Total size: 66x 57x 82.7  cm

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