Hoshizaki 2 Door Upright Combination 540L

82,000.00 ฿

Hoshizaki’s refrigerators and freezers are built upon advanced core technologies and considerate design to ensure worry-fee fresh keeping.

A-FIT cabinets are designed to show outstanding performance and durability backed by Hoshizaki’s many years of experience and high-quality standard. The cabinets combine ergonomic design with high functionality and strong cooling capacity to meet customer high expectations.

It comes with:

Enhanced cooling capacity with larger evaporator and stronger cooling fan

Advanced electric controller with clear digital display

A cleaning free condenser

Ergonomic full-height doors

Removable door gaskets

HACCP complied design

Forced evaporation system

Smart auto-defrost system

LED interior lighting

Field reversible door

Adjustable legs


Model: HZ-HRF-78MA-S
Type: Hoshizaki 2 Door Upright Combination 540L
Internal volume gross: 540L
Storage Capacity: Refrigerator: 260L, Freezer: 280L
Temperature Ranges: Refrigerator:   -2°C to +12°C, Freezer -23°C~-7°C
Compressor Refrigerator: R134a Freezer: R404a.
Type: Fan cooling Forced Air Circulation
Input power: 1 Phase 220V 50H Capacity: 1.12 kVA (5.10A)
Amperage: Rated 4.8A Starting 10A
Net Weight: 125 KG
Unit Size: 70 x 80 x 205 cm
Number of shelves: 4
Warranty: 1 Year

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