Free Standing Electric Bain Marie with Cabinet

40,000.00 ฿

This Free-Standing Electric Bain Marie comes with cabinet and 2 pieces gastronome ½ and 3 pieces gastronome 1/3 pans with the depth of 150mm. It has a temperature of50-110 °C; it weighs 69 kilograms and uses the power of 380-415 volt/6 kW.

This bain-marie is ideal for melting and warming. It warms the food gently, but avoid using it in place of boiling because it will only maintain a dish at a ready to eat temperature. A bain-marie is an appliance that can hold food hot for a long time without drying it out or making it overcooked. For more information about the product please feel free to contact us.

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Model: PK-EH-884
Type : Free Standing Electric Bain Marie with Cabinet
Capacity: GN1/2 x 2 + GN1/3 x 3
Temperature: 50°C > 110 °C
Power: 3N~380-415V 3Kw
Size: 80 x 90 x 94 cm
Packaging size: 90 x100 x 104 cm
Weight: 69 kgs.
Warranty : 365 Days
Delivery : Within 35 Days


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