Food Display Warmer

13,000.00 ฿

Food Display Warmer

The warmer the food, the better.

Product Description:

This Electric Glass Food Display Warmer comes with lights inside to make the food being displayed very visible from the outside. It also has a temperature display and a sliding glass door. It has the temperature of 30-85 °C; weighs 21 kilograms and uses the power of 220-240 V/1.0 kW.

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Model: PK-DH-580
Type : Electric Glass Food Display Warmer
Temperature: 30-85 °C
Measurement: 64x36x53 cm
Power: 220-240 V/1.0 kW
Weight: 21 kgs.
Warranty : 365 Days
Delivery : Contact us to check stock status


  • With lights inside.
  • With temperature display.
  • With sliding glass door.

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