Electric Cotton Candy Floss Maker

9,000.00 ฿

Looking to add some sweet magic to your party or event? Look no further than our Electric Cotton Candy Floss Maker! With a speedy 2700r/m rotation, this machine is designed to produce fluffy, delicious cotton candy in no time. Its compact design makes it easy to use and store, while the included measuring spoon ensures perfect portions every time. Perfect for all occasions, from birthday parties to fairs and festivals, the Electric Cotton Candy Floss Maker will be sure to delight both kids and adults alike!

It uses a temperature of 75 °C, weighs 11 kilograms and uses the power of 220V.

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Serial Number: PK-MH-500
Type: Electric Cotton Candy Floss Maker
Speed: 2700r/min
Power: 220 Volt
Temperature: 75 °C
Weight: 11 kg
Size: 50 x 50 x 53 cm
Packing size: 55 x55 x 68 cm
Warranty: 365 Days
Delivery: 35 Days

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