40 L Digital Marinating machine

33,000.00 ฿

This 40L Digital Marinating machine applies to different meat processing factories and fast-food chains. Marinade machine (also known as Tumbling Machine or Bloating Machine) makes regular foods become gourmet meals using spices, dry rubs and salad dressing. It has a large capacity for large cuts of meat, whole chickens, racks of ribs, turkey breasts etc. Can be used to marinade chicken, meats, vegetables. No more tossing, it does it for you. It is easy to clean. It can help to tender the meat and taste as well. This tumbler has a capacity of 15 KGS and takes voltage of 220-240V and comes with a Digital controller.

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Model: PK-YA-901
Type: 40L Digital Marinating machine
Capacity: 40L or 15KGS
Speed: 29r/min
Volts: 220-240V 0.38 Kw
Size: 95.3 x 66 x 91.4 cm
Packing size: 105.3 x76 x 101.4 cm
Warranty: 365 days
Delivery: 35 days


With 2 Spare Plastic Tanks

With Adjustable Timer Inside


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