18 Pan Square Ice Cream Display Freezer

134,000.00 ฿

This Ice Cream Showcase is specifically designed for the display and preservation of bulk ice cream. It has 18 x GN 1/3 pans that display wide range of ice cream flavors. It uses Fan cooling with a digital thermostat and a Temperature range of -18 ~ -22℃. It delivers excellent performance assuring you to serve the best ice cream. It uses the power of 220 volt. The quality is assured with the German imported Secop compressor and the 100% copper Condenser and 100% copper Evaporator. The Front Glass comes with a heating wire and Led lights. It has back sliding doors and an automatic defrost system.
* Quick cooling system supported by Secop compressor to ensure the stable container temperature
* Digital thermostat with on/off light switch.
* Low noise design.
* Tempered glass with defrosting heater, safe and bright.
* Strong coated steel base construction, many colors are possible but optional.
* Defrost water is vaporized with heat recovery vaporizer, no drain connection is required


Serial Number: GS-CD3-170 SQ
Type: 18 Pan Square Ice Cream Display Freezer
Capacity: 18 x GN 1/3 Pans 10 cm deep (included)
Power: 220 Volt/50HZ
Temperature: -18 ~ -22℃
Refrigerant: R404a / Secop compressor
Measurements: 172.5 x 113 x 125 cm
Packing size: 182.5 x 123 x 138 cm
Warranty: 365 Days
Delivery: 21 Days

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