11 tray Blast Chiller and Freezer 280L

190,000.00 ฿

Very high-quality blast chiller or freezer. Assembled in Asia with quality imported part from all over the world. The unit is air cooled and made fully from 304 stainless steel. The competitive price makes this the most attractive unit in the market. The capacity of this blast freezer is 280 liters and temperature is -18~-35℃.

By using a blast freezer, the temperature of the foods can be rapidly reduced from +70°C to -18°C within the guideline time of 240 minutes. The cooling process adopts the stepwise refrigeration method to ensure that the nutrition of the food not lost, the taste is kept in fresh and the effect of rapid plasticity is ensured.

It takes 90 minutes for fast cooling food to cool from + 70 ℃ to + 3 ℃. The whole process adopts stage refrigeration to ensure that the nutrition of the food is not lost, the taste is fresh, and the effect of rapid plasticity is ensured.

Blast chilling immediately stops the moisture in food from evaporating, thereby preventing dehydration. The fragrance and flavors of foods is often linked to the right amount of moisture contained in the food.

Bacterial contamination is very high when food is at a temperature of between +65℃ and +10℃. Around +37℃ the number of bacteria doubles every 20 minutes. The blast chiller makes it possible to “cross” the range of hazardous temperatures quickly. Taking the core of the food to +3℃ in less than 90 min. This reduces the quantity of bacteria in food after cooking to a minimum, improving their quality, organoleptic properties and safety.

The blast chiller considerably improves food safety, ensuring full compliance with HACCP standards.


Thanks to the longer shelf life of blast chilled food, it is possible to plan production better and prepare larger quantities of dishes and semi-processed foods is advance, without having to repeat the process every day. All this while always keeping the high quality of the served foods.


Serial Number: AR- AK011-D
Type: 11 tray Blast Chiller and Freezer 280L
Performance temp.: –18 ~ -40℃
Capacity: 280 Liter, 11 trays – 11 tray 600×400 – 11 x GN1/1
Trays Pitch: 70 mm
Yield: +90℃→ +3℃ : 40 Kg

+90℃→ -18℃ : 30 Kg

Compressor: Imported compressor Embraco or Tecumseh
Power: 2590W / 220 Volt / 50HZ / 14.7 Amps
Temperature: -18~-35℃
Measurements: 79 ×80 ×168 cm
Packing size: 84 x 85 x 173 cm
Weight: 180 KG
Warranty: 365 days
Extra info: Delivery time 21 days

–              Customized intelligent temperature control system, humanized panel design

–              Meet the HACCP standard of European food safety

–              European structure design

–              Suitable for 1/1GN pan or 600 * 400 trays

–              Food temperature probe with heating function, easy to pull out from frozen food

–              Self-closing doors minimize cool air loss and reduce energy consumption

–              Over 90° door opening allows easy loading

–              With removable heating wire for the door frame and door gasket for easy cleaning and repairing

–              Self-closing doors can be exchanged left and right

–              Cabinet body with AISI304, trays, removable ladder and support strip

–              The price is not including any shelves, GN pan. Grill pan and Ice molds.

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