1/1 GN 4-Pan Salad Buffet Refrigerator

85,000.00 ฿

This buffet salad bar is a wood finish gastronorm buffet unit, popular with Hotels, breakfast rooms, restaurants as well as cafes, available in 4 GN 1/1 pan, giving you a versatile display for all types of food, the electric on touch wind down sneeze screen allows food to be covered if the unit is not in use for short period of time or keep the unit clean when not in use. All units have lockable castors for easy movement and to allow cleaning under the cabinet. The units accept different types of gastronorm pans to give you a versatile display to meet your needs. This Buffet Refrigerator is a premium cabinet for the professional caterer or in addition of your Buffet line. It creates a stunning display of all your best products. The cooling allows the items to be displayed prominently and keeps your delicious foods, salads or sauces at the perfect serving temperature. The body is in stainless steel and comes with a digital temperature controller with a temperature range of  +4~+8℃. This buffet is made for those who want the best.

* Diffused warm lights that do not affect the taste or look of food with no glare to customers

*  Fully automatic

*  Castors

*  Interior light with switch

*  Digital controller and temperature display

*  One touch electric window down canopy

* Low noise levels so your customers and business are not disturbed.


Serial Number: GS-CD-15S-SB04
Type: 1/1 GN 4-Pan Salad Buffet Refrigerator
Capacity: 300 L / 4 x GN 1/1 Pans 10 cm deep (included)
Power: 220V/50hz / 440W / 13 Amp
Temperature: +4~+8℃
Refrigerant: R134a / static cooling
Compressor: Secop brand compressor
Measurements: 142.2 x 75 x 152.8 cm
Packing size: 150 x 85 x 138cm
Weight: 120 Kg
Warranty: 365 Days
Delivery: 21 Days

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